75% of the Drug Transaction In Philippines Coming From New Bilibid Prison

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In a report published earlier today, it mentioned that 75% of the overall drug transaction done in Philippines are coming from Philippines New Bilibid Prison or NBP, this information was according the the statement of the incoming Philippine Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre ll.

Imagine, despite of series of raids in NBP  via “Oplan Galugad” that was organized by the Bureau of Corrections  or BuCor since last year, the association has transform into more of drug asylum.


According to Aguirre, intelligence report disclosed to the incoming PNP Chief Ronald “bato” Dela Rosa suggests that almost 75 percent of drugs traded within our borders coming from the NBP, and some coming from mainland China.

Bilibid Prison

The soon to be Justice Secretary met acting Justice Secretary Emmanuel Caparas. Aguirre was enthusiastic in dealing this drug related cases in our country such cases in BuCor including the NBP and other government facilities under its supervision.

According to Aguirre, that the high-risked jailbirds though separated from other inmates, are still controlling the overall operation of drugs outside prison, He added that Oplan Galugad will be stopped due to the continuous recovery of the drugs and other illicit items.

Aguirre vows to engage on a “Shock and Awe” game plan instead of “Oplan Galugad” which so far has carried out more than 30 raids to curve down the criminal activity within the prison camp.


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