Are Surveys Accurate?

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In a spectacle which not only embarrassed the second highest official of the country but also raised questions over the accuracy of political surveys, Vice President Jejomar Binay, ranked No. 1 by survey firms recently, was booed and jeered in Cebu City by a crowd of 10,000 last Sunday.

Binay, who according to media reports was invited by Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama to be the guest of honour on the first day of the celebration of the Feast of the Santo Niño, a big religious event for Cebu, was only able to mutter two lines before retreating to the media centre of
the Cebu City Sports Centre to take breakfast with his vice presidential running mate, Gregorio Honasan.

Here is a report in the Philippine Daily Inquirer of that incident:

“Close to 10,000 people inside the Cebu City Sports Center booed Binay on Sunday after he was introduced by suspended Mayor Mike Rama during the formal opening of the Sinulog Grand Parade past 9 a.m.

“The boos grew louder when Binay stood to give a speech.

“Apparently, the jeering prompted the Vice President to cut short his speech.

“Maayong buntag sa inyong tanan (Good morning everyone). Viva Pit Senyor!” was all he said.

“Binay, standard bearer of the United Nationalist Alliance came with his running mate, Sen. Gringo Honasan and senatorial candidates Princess Kiram, Alma Moreno and Harry Roque, as well as his son suspended Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay.”

The Cebu City incident involving Binay now places under the microscope the results of the survey conducted by two major polling firms which placed the vice president on top in the contest for the Presidency.

How could the No. 1 pick of Filipinos, according to SWS and Pulse Asia, be so hated and disliked by thousands of Cebuanos who booed and jeered him?

In contrast, just a week earlier, another presidential candidate, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte, was hugged and mobbed in the same city when he visited for several engagements with his vice presidential running mate, Alan Peter Cayetano.

Duterte was in a statistical tie for second and No. 4 in the two surveys.

So, if we are to believe the surveys, No. 1 is the one who is booed and jeered and the No. 4 is the person who is loved, hugged and mobbed?

Which do we believe now: The survey statistics generated by SWS and Pulse Asia or the physical manifestations by the voters themselves i.e. the booing and the jeering received by Binay in Cebu City?

The great disconnect between the results of the surveys conducted by SWS and Pulse Asia and the public reaction to the presence of the Presidential candidates strengthens the suspicion that the surveys are part of a grand scheme to influence the decision making of the Filipino voters.

This suspicion is further strengthened by an independent survey, albeit “unscientific” as the “official” survey firms call it, conducted by the news website Rappler which showed that Duterte is way ahead of the pack.

What makes it worse is the fact that face-to-face interviews with people in the streets, the taxi drivers, the professionals, the doctors and the farmers and the social media feedbacks from Overseas Filipino Workers show an overflowing support for the controversial Duterte.

If the physical manifestations show a more accurate picture of the sentiments of the Filipinos now, then it is safe to assume that there is really a conspiracy to twist the minds of the Filipino voters.

After all, the numbers given out by SWS and Pulse Asia could not be more real and reliable than the boos and jeers of the Cebuanos and Filipinos in other parts of the country who are sick and tired of corruption, criminality and drugs, lack of jobs and hopelessness.

Duterte is the real No. 1 and not the other way around.

by: MannyPiñol

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