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Period. Dont drag the city in your political mess. Truth is, we are better off if we become independent…

This election season has created tension among Filipinos. It has become Davaoenos vs Gab, Davaoenos vs Celdran, etc. And now Mar Roxas has joined the bandwagon using statistics to discredit the claims of his opponent’s supporters. Then before you know it, people who do not support the candidacy of Mayor Duterte have started bashing Davao City.

If you guys do not like our Mayor to become your President, simply do not vote for him and stop discrediting what the people of Davao City have achieved under his leadership. You can attack his womanizing, his use of vulgar language, and his self confessed human rights violations but never attack what the people of Davao have achieved so far.

Davao is what it is not just because of Duterte, but because of the collective efforts of all Davaoenos who work hard to make the city one of the most peaceful ones in the world.


All the local laws and ordinances that are implemented in the city such as the no firecracker, no smoking, speed limit, curfew, etc. are not just executive orders from the Mayor. They went thru democratic process such as consultation, thorough deliberation and consensus approval thru the councilors that we voted. Have you heard of people marching in the streets protesting about these laws? None so far, because these laws are made and implemented by the people, and not just by the mayor himself. The implementation of these laws is understood by everyone because we all know their benefits.

We are not under martial law, we are just being disciplined. There is no resistance because we choose to follow it. The result is that we do not have firecracker accidents during Xmas and New Year, we have lesser road accidents, we have minimal drunken behavior at night, those who prefer not to smoke in public establishments can breathe fresh air, and there is a general feeling of peace in the community.

If you are afraid that these laws will be implemented in your cities, then simply do not vote for Duterte. Moreso, you should start a campaign against Duterte, but do not start a campaign against Davao. Do not write articles comparing Davao and Martial Law. Because if the people didn’t like the way Duterte ran the city, then Nograles should have won last election. So there is no Martial Law here. We chose our leaders democratically and majority chose Duterte so there is nothing you can do about it.

To say bad words against the City of Davao just because you don’t like Duterte is an insult to Davaoenos. You can campaign against Duterte all you want but dont discredit everything that Davaoenos have worked for just to destroy Duterte’s image.

Though we are not a perfect city, you dont have to use our imperfections to destroy your political opponent. Nobody is saying that there is no crime in the City, but you do not have to rub that to our faces to discredit your political opponents.

Dont get me wrong, I am not defending the Mayor for his wrongdoings. I condemn extrajudicial killings and I see his womanizing as a bad example to the youth. Although I respect his leadership and his achievements, I don’t really care whether you vote for him or not.

What I am just disgusted about is how people destroy the image of Davao just to discredit the Mayor. Its such a cheap and desperate move. Instead of trying to convince people to vote for you, you are just digging your own electoral grave.

So stop cursing Davao because of Duterte. Duterte is just a part of a collective Filipino tribe called Davaoenos. It just so happened that he was our leader during this time of peace and prosperity. He is not the only reason why Davao is peaceful and progressive. The real reason is that we all know how to work together to achieve a common goal.

While Davaoenos are blessed to have Duterte as their leader, the bigger perspective here is that Duterte is more blessed to have constituents that are peaceful and obedient. And if you want the respect of these peaceful and obedient constituents, don’t ever say anything that would upset them. Otherwise you might end up like the Hipon Incident.

You know what? Davao is better off to become an independent state, an independent country, an independent nation. While we have a self sustaining economy and society, a big part of our taxes are being sent to imperial manila and are only pocketed by corrupt national government officials. We would definitely be better off if we were to decide our own destiny using our own resources than send it to the very people whose least priority are the people in the southern part of this country. By then we would have the funds to develop our city and become the next Singapore. I believe thats how strong, united and disciplined Davaoenos are as a people.

Why should our national leaders in Luzon get money from Visayas and Mindanao and spend a very huge portion of it to fix Luzon’s problems?
Why borrow money from other countries for Luzon’s infrastructure and make people from Visayas and Mindanao contribute for its repayment when we didn’t even benefit from it?

To make it worse, they are not even able to solve their problems using our money because of rampant corruption.

With that said, people in Luzon who are saying bad things about Davao City are only adding insult to injury to Davaoenos.

So people in Luzon who don’t like Duterte, dont vote for him. I’d rather vote for him to become the first President of the Independent Federal Republic of Mindanao rather than see him waste 6 years of his life trying to fix your irrepairable communities while receiving resistance and insult from your people.

So just dont vote for Duterte if you dont like him. If you do not want a pope cursing president, a womanizer, a killer, or someone who promises to impose nationwide curfew, if you do not want anyone to stop you from smoking publicly, if you do not want speed limits, if you do not want firecraker ban, if you do not want liquor ban at 1am, if you find killing criminals who shoot at policemen a violation of human rights, and if you think that talking to the NPAs to convince them to release a prisoner is wrong, then do not vote for Duterte. But spare Davao from the lies and insults just to convince people not to vote for Duterte. So save yourselves from the hassle of changing your lifestyle because of the ideologies of this “Martial Law” candidate. Don’t vote Duterte if you are afraid of change.

But these are the things that make the City of Davao a very wonderful city to live in, and these are the things that we Davaoenos are proud that we have achieved and implemented as a people. And if you find these changes to be a threat to your freedom, then you don’t deserve this kind of change, and this kind of change doesn’t deserve you either.

Duterte wants to decentralize decision making from Imperial Manila and empower the provinces thru Federalism. If you believe that Manila should still be the center of the Philippines, then do not vote for Duterte. If you think Duterte can solve the traffic in EDSA, think again. Nobody has solved that decades old problem and how do you think can a probinsyano solve that? Don’t waste his time thinking about how to solve that problem when in fact Daang Matuwid even made it worse. He might impose a speed limit in Edsa so it will just be worse. Not all our laws are applicable everywhere.

Believe me, party people in Manila cannot handle the way Davaoenos live because of our laws. But we have learned to appreciate them because it is for our common good. Even if it wasn’t Duterte who suggested them, we will still follow the law.

But just expect that people from the south will eventually declare independence from your corrupt government because we Mindanaoans are sick and tired of being treated as third class citizens. Duterte, Miriam, Binay or Roxas cannot change the country in 6 years if the population is hesitant to help in changing it. But if you give Davaoenos or Mindanaoans the chance to shape their own destiny independently, I’m sure we can do a better job than imperial manila. Events such as the Mamasapano incident which was remotely controlled by a suspended officer in Manila would never again take place.

It is the way our government is organized that has to change. Davao and the rest of Mindanao would be better off on its own rather than being imposed and robbed by people who care more about collecting our taxes rather than taking care of our welfare.

I personally do not want Duterte to waste his time in Malacanang as President of the Republic of the Philippines because I would rather see him lead an Independent Nation of Mindanaoans who would and finally fulfill the promise of the Promise Land.

So if you can’t swallow his persona and if you are threatened by laws that define the discipline of Davaoenos, don’t vote for him, and at the same time spare us from your political gimicks and save yourselves from the backlash of a million Davaoenos and the so called “Dutertards”. Please take note that not every Davaoeno is a supporter of Duterte, and you have probably lost a big number of votes from people who respect you by what you have done.

But if he wins despite the fact that you didn’t vote for him, and all the laws that define the City of Davao will be implemented nationwide and you see this as a threat to your freedom and liberty, then you might as well think if it is still worth staying in this country under his presidency or not.

– This is not an article that defends the Mayor, but rather an article that defends my beloved city from political gimickry and the reality of the disparity in our country in terms of distribution of resources. If you feel the same way, you can share this all you want, just don’t misquote me –

by: By: Wardy Puyod

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