Duterte Chronicles : Bad Words and Cursing in Public

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I was browsing through the comments section of the Rappler video showing the speech of Mayor Duterte last night and I found a trend. Many were talking about the cursing and bad words coming from Mayor Digong. Most of them say it is ok and it is natural, it is just the personality of Digong. Some say it is not the way of a president to curse in public. I think you guys already know where I stand on this one but let me share my insight nonetheless.

People from outside of Davao City are used to politicians with sweet words. All of them are careful in the words they choose and how they say it. They almost every time make sure they don’t offend any particular group or demographic. Why is that? The answer is simple. They want votes. They want to please everybody as much as they can. They calculate what they say and ensure that it is within standard of what everybody considered as “moral” and “ethical”. But my question is, are any of those speeches natural? No they are not.

Speeches are often edited and scrutinized before delivered. And with the editing process, the grammar becomes perfect, the words flawless. But it becomes artificial as well in the process. The best writers can make speeches flow naturally, but that is only in paper. The delivery on the other hand can be practiced as is the words come from the heart, but that is only on stage.

Mayor Duterte’s speeches on the other hand (including media interviews) are always spontaneous and without script. No one edits him, no one stops him, no chose his words for him. And because of that he shows his real self, without pretentions, in all his statements. The only times I can remember he does not curse is during his speeches during taking the oath of office each time he won the elections of the past years.

What is my point then? It is the same as many others in the comment section of rappler. Mayor Duterte is being himself, all natural. What you see is what you get.

To end this episode let me quote Chris Rock from the movie “Head of State”

“Show me a person who never said “shit” in his life, and I will show you a person who is full of shit.”

PS: I saw a video where Roxas said “Putang Ina” on stage during one of his speeches. He cursed, saying why the people are still suffering. Despite hearing it with my own ears, why does it feel he does not really mean it?


By: Jo Sam

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