DUTERTE CHRONICLES : Personal Experience With Duterte

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I can’t help but also share my personal experience.

My daughter was born with congenital hydrocephalus. She was diagnosed when I was on my 2nd trimester of pregnancy while having my board exam review in Manila.

All along I knew that I will deliver a baby with congenital anomaly.

But despite of I’m still determined and hopeful that everything will be alright .

The day came when I gave birth to a baby girl. My 1st question is how her head look like? And everyone seemed tried to give us comforting words because the painful truth is very obvious.

The moment I hold her I then realize nothing compares the joy of being a mum and that very moment I forgot what others seen as obvious ( tweety bird head) what I’ve seen is a beautiful fragile little creature fighting for her life.

After 2 weeks in the NICU the Neurosurgeon advised us for AV shunt operation where they will implant a device inside my daughters head to drain the water out and avoid further head enlargement..and she will carry this devise for the rest of her life.

Along with the complexity of the procedure is the fear with such limited time where to find the money for the operation.

As I had my daughter delivered and confined in one of the private hospital in Davao City we decided to transfer in the Government hospital because we cannot afford the very high surgeons fee and the escalating hospital bills.

The day we arrived in Davao Medical Center the Nuero ward was packed and we were told that we have to wait for schedule for the operation..Each passing day we hope that my daughters name will be on the board list for the next day’s schedule. And yes after a week of waiting the operation was a success.
Now the next hurdle we need to face is the hospital bill.
We went to the office of MAYOR DUTERTE and asked for help and he did not hesitate to extend his help. One of his staff gave us a note address to the billing section of the hospital… That time I recall we only paid P3,000 in DMC as compared to the P400,000 tentative cost if we had it in the private hospital.
We were very happy and It was such a huge relief that finally I can bring my daughter home with the assistance of our beloved Mayor.

MAYOR DUTERTE is the only reason why I register to vote for the incoming election. No human being is perfect but I strongly believe he is the only candidate who can make a difference in this country.

by: Bagong Dimasalang

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