It Pays To Be A Dutertard!

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Dutertard during the Duterte ‪#‎DU31‬ thanksgiving celebration my friend lost his wallet which had his IDs, credit cards, cash and other minute documents.

Di niya alam kung dinukot o nalaglag. We we’re hoping that it was not pick-pocketed so there is a chance that it might be returned. Di na namin nahanap because we only realized na nawala pitaka niya when we were about to leave after we heard Digong have his speech. It then rained hard.


We got soaked in the rain tracing our steps but hindi namin nakita. I then told my friend to just leave it be and hope it goes to good hands as I suggested to post about the matter in Davao groups fb pages.

The people in the group help trend the post by liking ang commenting “up”. When we arrived home, my friend started calling his banks to halt transactions in his credit cards and other cards of such sort. With a sigh on his face accepting the fact that there is no chance for its recovery when suddenly I got a pm from a Nikai Pabayo with the message as shown in the screenshot below.

I yelled at my friend, “Jay, may nag message! May nakakita”. He had a reaction like his eyeballs almost coming out.hahaha I then replied to Nikai. She was very cautious in a way that she didn’t send me any info immediately but instead asked me my friend’s phone number.

Dutertard member


I immediately gave his number to show that I am not bluffing. She then called my friend and we went to see her immediately. This event occurred 12 to 3 am. We then found out that they were DDS(die-hard Duterte supporter), all member of their family. They were from Villanueva, Misamis Oriental who were volunteers for Duterte campaign in their place. They came to Davao just for the #DU31 event.

We were so lucky that my friends wallet was held by their hands. ‪#‎Dutertard‬ we are! And it pays to be a dutertard as dutertards have the heart like our dear tatay Digong. Mabuhay Pilipinas! Thank you Pabayo family.

I can’t imagine all the hassle my friend would experience renewing all those cards and securing his financial matters if the card fell to hands of bad people. May you be blessed. Change we want! Change we are.

Prophet Jeremey Damali Olloy

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