Liberal Party’s DESPERATE MOVE

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These are indeed desperate times for the political opponents of presidential frontrunner Rody Duterte’s as his ratings nation-wide continue to soar.

Following the violent dispersal of the rallyists who blocked the national highway in Kidapawan City last week which left three protesters dead and many others, including policemen, injured, the LP unleashed a barrage of social media posts identifying me as one of the leaders of the protest.

Liberal Party's DESPERATE MOVE

They, of course, link me to Duterte tagging me as the Campaign Manager.

Identical posts and statements were made by Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala, former Presidential Management Staff chief Vicky Garchitorena, former Party-List congressman Jun Alcover and a Facebook blogger who calls himself Juan Nationalist.

Not contented with the totally ridiculous posts about me being the brains behind the rally because I am running against incumbent Governor Emmylou Taliño-Mendoza (which is untrue as I have retired from politics), they have come up with a meme showing me in a gallery of photos which included leaders of the Left.

Here is the comment I posted in the page of Juan Nationalist which only has a little over 200 followers:

“hindi ko alam kung matatawa o mainis sa post mo juan nationalist o kung sino ka man. puro naman mali ang info mo. hindi ako campaign manager ni rody duterte. si mayor leoncio evasco jr. ang campain manager. i’m not even a member of the campaign staff. second, linking me with the Left only shows your ignorance of my political background. i have never worked with the Left. in fact, i have always been at odds with them. kinasuhan ko ng libel ang mga lider ng bayan muna when i was governor. i was at the rally area friday morning, april 1, shortly before the dispersal to inform the rallyists that i have asked rody duterte to look into how the city government of davao could assist the food needs of the hungry farmers. uli-uli, kung gagawa kayo ng black propaganda, gawin nyo namang kapanipaniwala. pagtatawanan kayo ng mga taong nakakakilala sa akin.”

The administration party’s desperation is understandable.

Even after splurging billions of pesos in TV, radio and newspaper ads, hiring hundreds of Internet warriors and waging black propaganda against Duterte, Roxas remains either ranked 4th or 3rd in the national surveys.

With a little over a month to go before the elections, the administration is in panic mode and I would not actually dismiss the reports going around that they are now hatching a plan on how to cheat in the elections.

There is nobody to blame for the mess that they are in right now. Everything is of their own making.

They couldn’t seem to get things right. Like this meme linking me with the Left. What do they hope to achieve by doing that?

They must have forgotten that I am neither a candidate nor a member of the campaign group of Duterte.

And how could I possibly be the national campaign manager of a Presidential candidate? That’s simply preposterous because I lost in my bids to regain the governorship of North Cotabato.

Hindi ko nga kaya ipanalo ang sarili ko, yong kandidato pa sa pagka-Presidente?

But that’s how it is with the Roxas campaign. It is like a Mr. Bean movie with all of the endless bloopers and blunders.


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