Mayor Duterte’s Top Priority

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Mayor Duterte’s Top Priority, Mga unang ipapatupad ni MAYOR (take note “MAYOR” ang gusto niya itawag sa kanya not President)

Death Penalty
Duterte: I would plea to Congress to restore death penalty. Heinous crimes committed with unlicensed firearms, must be penalized with death.

Clearance and Permits in 72 hours
Duterte: This has to change. I don’t want to see people waiting, I will see that clearances, business permits, shall be released in 72 hours.

Banning of Drinking in Public
Duterte: Drinking must stop in all public places.

Curfew for Minors, Parents will be arrested
Duterte: Curfew for minors will be mandatory.

Addressing Drug problems at the level of the barangays
Duterte: On suppressing drugs at barangay level: I will deploy who know how to handle guns, who know law enforcement. They will be trained.

No More “Lakbay-Aral”
Duterte: No more “Lakbay-Aral”. Being elected as brgy. Captain or kagawad does not give you the right to travel around our country.

No More Seminars in Manila for provincial employees.
Duterte: Provencial employees will no longer be sent to Manila for seminars. It’s pure junket. Seminars will be sent to local venues.

Mayor Duterte To Impose

No more Collection from students
Duterte: For students in public schools, there will be no collections of any kind.

Selling of the Presidential Yatch(BRP Pangulo)
Duterte: I am selling the BRP Pangulo(Presidential Yatch), it’s just parked there, not being used.

Duterte: The proceeds will go to the military and the police.

No more endorsements from Politicians to government posts.
Duterte: Do not get endorsements from the senators, congressman and others. I will automatically reject your applications.


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