Open letter to President Aquino

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Open letter to President Aquino


By Manny Piñol

Dear Mr. President,

I saw the video recording of your meeting with the editors of the Philippine Daily Inquirer last night and I almost could not believe how you have changed in just six years.

The man I heard talking about democracy and dictatorship last night was no longer the very simple Noynoy Aquino I voted for President in 2010.

You have mutated into an egotistical man who believes he alone knows what is wrong and right for us ordinary Filipinos.

You are now moving heaven and earth and using all government resources including the power and influence of your Presidency to dissuade us from voting for Rody Duterte.

You are telling us that the Duterte Presidency means a return of “Dictatorship” in the country.

You are virtually asking Grace Poe and Jejomar Binay to abandon their presidential quest and rally behind your chosen one, Manuel Roxas III.

But you have accused Ms. Poe of being an unqualified candidate because she is an American and you labeled Binay corrupt.

So, kalimutan na lang natin yon? Basta hwag lang manalo si Duterte?

Mr. President what makes you believe that the Duterte Presidency will be a disaster?

Nobody could foretell the future neither could we be sure whether the leaders that we elect would live up to our expectations or disappoint us.

We choose our leaders based on gut feel and faith in what they stand for during the campaign.

Let’s talk about you Presidency as an example.

When Filipinos voted for you in 2010, they believed in your promise of a “Tuwid na Daan,” the Straight Path.

Open information to all

What have you done thus far? let us open our eyes

1. You promised Peace in Mindanao under your Presidency. You met with Al Haj Murad in Japan and that was a high point because we all thought that peace would dawn on us. Today, with two months left in your term and after spending billions in government funds, we’re nowhere near the dreamed peace.

2. You promised a relentless campaign against corruption and for a while we beamed with pride because for the first time a Supreme Court Justice was impeached and three sitting Senators were sent to jail for corruption. It felt good for a while until people realise that your campaign against corruption was selective and your idea of justice is not a blindfolded lady but a woman with a squinted eye.

Your enemies you relentlessly pursued and punished but your friends were spared and protected. Must I cite a litany of names of corrupt politicians who are now part of your “Daang Matuwid” gang?

3. We all thought that we were voting for a President who would be sensitive to the feelings of poor Filipinos, who would love us and pity us for after all you were catapulted to the Presidency because of our love for your mother and pity for a family who lost a loved one.

But you allowed the massacre of 44 SAF policemen in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, the carnage of many more soldiers in Basilan, you have not lifted a finger to save the three foreigners and a Filipino who were abducted in Samal Island and remained silent even as one of them was beheaded and the Abu Sayyaf threatened to do the same to you.

4. You promised to make our country rice sufficient by 2013 and that the smuggling of goods farmers could easily produce would end.

It’s 2016 now and the rice importation continues and smuggling has worsened. Worse than that the agriculture sector, headed by your friend Proceso Alcala has become one of the most corrupt government agencies and registered only a 1% growth last year.

5. You have remained silent as criminality and drugs have threatened the lives of our people all over the country and you have remained indifferent even when your own men have briefed you that some of your police generals are involved in the growing drug trade or are protecting drug lords.

You have failed to take full control of the situation even in the National Bilibid prison where drug lords operate drug laboratories which produce shabu distributed all over the country.

6. You have made us believe that the economy of the country is excellent and that life is better now for the Filipinos.

But in the countryside, Mr. President, we do not feel it. In fact, the growing problem of the Communist insurgency which you ignored for all of five years is making life very hard for us.

Indeed, you may have achieved several good things in your six-year Presidency but the blunders far outnumber the successes.

Now, you want us to believe that Roxas is a good choice for us?

What is the assurance Mr. President?

You do not like Duterte to become President because he cusses, because he is uncouth, because he promises to overhaul the system and because you are afraid that he would be a dictator?

That’s our problem, Mr. President, no longer yours.

We will hitch our stars on this man who you say is a threat to democracy because he speaks our language, he expresses our anger and he understands our dreams.

If we will be proven wrong in choosing him as President as we were with you, we will simply lick our wounds and hope that another presidential candidate would come along in the future to make us dream and hope again.

As for you, Mr. President, we thank you for the things you have done for us and we will also forgive you for your failures and blunders.

Go quietly into the night Mr. President and don’t worry about us.

We will be able to handle ourselves and we will certainly survive the hardships.

We don’t need you to tell us what is right and wrong, who to vote for and who to reject.

Please be reminded that we elected you as President for six years hoping that you will be able to improve the plight of the poor Filipinos.

We did not choose you to define for us the meaning of democracy and dictatorship.

Yours truly,

Manny Piñol
Your former supporter and former Governor of North Cotabato.

This is an open letter to our president

open letter to aquino


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