Supporters Of Roxas Admit Getting 5K

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Supporters of Mar Roxas Caught again in a new scandal, they admit they are getting 5,000 Pesos just to attend the Pilipinas Debates

A certain video that was uploaded that was shared more than 3,000 times just hours after it was uploaded Tuesday. A certain individual identified as Alex Ongoco published the said viral video wherein two women supporters from Administration Bet Mar Roxas admitted that they have received 5,000 pesos from Roxas Camp.

Supporters Admit Getting 5k

video from YouTube User kapinoy

In fairness to the side of Roxas, no Liberal Party mention has been made by the women caught in the Video nor a liberal party representative handed directly the money to the women as payment for the rendered service for the administration presidential bid.

After reading comments from the netizens reaction, I learned that the viral video of supporters getting 5,000 was taken during the recent Pilipinas Debates at Pangasinan sponsored by ABS-CBN.

In the video, a male voice heard initiating a conversation to the women wearing Liberal Party Signature Color and the name within.

The said conversation started with the male asking “MAGKANO PO?” this was first asked by the guy. The woman smiles and responded “Five Thousand!”

the video was just less than thirty seconds and ended after the two women danced with the festive music that was played during the debate as background and then shouted ROXAS, ROXAS!

Netizens that have seen the supporters receiving 5k lambast the administration bit Mar Roxas in response to Election Law Violation.

Let us revisit the Omnibus Election Code relative to this matter

“According to Sec. 104 OEC Prohibited donations or gifts by candidates, treasures of parties of their agent and spouse and relatives within second civil degree of consanguinity and affinity.”

The comelec seems not seeing the video, so as of now share it so that they may see it and take action on to it. or we do not know how they will handle this Election Violation.


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