Unfolding a Conspiracy

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Noynoy called up DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo for him to go to Cebu to represent him in a certain symposium. Noynoy’s reason – “he was not feeling well“.

Jessie wanted to ask for a consideration because he had to attend her daughter’s special event in school, but out of respect followed Noynoy’s instruction.


He took a commercial flight that day with a return ticket back to Manila in the afternoon. He wanted to cut short his stay in Cebu so he can go home as scheduled, but DILG Usec. Rico Puno surprisingly appeared from nowhere and told Jessie that there is a private plane for him ready on hand to take him home straight to Albay.

Jessie was apprehensive at first because he thought the plane was small enough to travel all the way home, and why did Rico Puno rented the plane when he already had a commercial flight ready to take him home ? He thought Rico Puno could have represented him, but he never informed him he was going to Cebu.

That fateful day – when Jessie’s plane crashed, fishermen who were interviewed by investigative journalists said, “When the plane crashed, it did not go down instantly, it floated for about 15 minutes, enough time for the passengers to get out and swim to shore.”

On that same time, when the plane went down, Rico Puno went straight to Manila – went to Jessie Robredo’s Condominium and attempted to look  for the blue book which Jessie kept. At that same day, Rico Puno ordered his men to secure the Office of the Secretary of the DILG and no one was allowed to enter except Rico Puno’s men.


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