WARNING: “Maiden Name Challenge”

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Please decline the Name Challenge where you need to expose your mother’s maiden name in your social media profile.

When using a social media, you should protect your mother’s maiden name like how you keep your password. When attackers knew your mother’s name, you are vulnerable to any attacks even your financial accounts.

The reason why the Police and companies like banks for example asks you to submit on file your mother’s maiden name because it is the last sort of your identification. People may have the same name but not the mother’s maiden name. In some cases, communication companies validates the identity of their caller through asking the birthday and mother’s maiden name. If you happen to have posted this in your profile, please do delete it.


Things you should avoid posting in your social media account:

1. Identification Card (ID) which shows both your birthday and ID Card Number

2. Mother’s maiden name – The full name of your mother before being married

3. Picture of your Passport that shows visibly your information like birthday, address, passport number.

4. Picture of your ATM Cards, Credit/Debit Cards that shows visibly the card number, the expiration date – There are merchants that will process orders even without CVV or Security code provided.

5. A picture of your Plane tickets that shows visibly the QR code or Bar Code. QR/Bar Code may contain all your public information

Always remember to choose how your facebook status update be visible to public. If you are not certain about what to post on your social media profile, please don’t hesitate to consult your IT friends.

Hackers are watching your profile and even added you as a friend.

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share it with everyone
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